5 Humana Insurance Plans for Tampa FL Residents

As residents of Tampa, FL, it is crucial to have access to reliable and comprehensive health insurance plans to safeguard our well-being. That's where Humana comes in, offering a range of insurance options tailored specifically for Tampa residents.

From the Gold Plus HMO plan, which provides extensive coverage and access to a vast network of healthcare providers, to the SilverSneakers Medicare Advantage plan, designed to cater to the unique needs of seniors, Humana has you covered.

But that's not all – they also offer Dental Value, Vision, and Prescription Drug plans. Stay tuned to discover more about these five Humana insurance plans and how they can benefit you and your loved ones in Tampa, FL.

Gold Plus HMO

What are the benefits and coverage options offered by the Gold Plus HMO insurance plan provided by Humana for Tampa FL residents?

The Gold Plus HMO plan offered by Humana is a comprehensive insurance option that provides a range of benefits and coverage options for residents in the Tampa FL area. This plan offers all the benefits of Original Medicare, including hospital and medical coverage, as well as additional benefits such as prescription drug coverage and preventive services.

With the Gold Plus HMO plan, members have access to a network of doctors, hospitals, and specialists, ensuring that they receive quality healthcare at affordable rates. The plan also includes coverage for emergency services and urgent care, providing peace of mind in case of unexpected medical needs.

Additionally, the Gold Plus HMO plan offers a range of wellness programs and services, including preventive screenings and health assessments, to help members maintain their health and well-being. Overall, the Gold Plus HMO plan offered by Humana provides comprehensive coverage and a variety of benefits to ensure that Tampa FL residents have access to the healthcare they need.

SilverSneakers Medicare Advantage

The SilverSneakers Medicare Advantage program is another valuable option offered by Humana for Tampa FL residents, providing additional benefits and coverage options for those seeking comprehensive healthcare coverage. SilverSneakers is a fitness program specifically designed for seniors, helping them stay active and live a healthy lifestyle.

With the SilverSneakers Medicare Advantage plan, Humana members gain access to a wide range of fitness facilities, including gyms, fitness centers, and community centers. This program aims to promote physical activity and improve overall well-being among the elderly population.

In addition to the fitness benefits, the SilverSneakers Medicare Advantage plan also offers comprehensive medical coverage. This includes hospitalization, doctor visits, prescription drugs, and preventive care services. Humana's network of healthcare providers ensures that members receive high-quality care and have access to a wide range of specialists and medical facilities.

Dental Value Plan

Humana offers a comprehensive Dental Value Plan for Tampa FL residents, providing access to affordable dental care and a wide range of services. The Dental Value Plan is designed to meet the needs of individuals and families who are looking for cost-effective dental coverage. With this plan, members have access to a large network of dentists and specialists, ensuring that they can find a provider that meets their specific needs.

The plan covers a range of preventive services, including routine exams, cleanings, and X-rays, helping members maintain good oral health. Additionally, the plan provides coverage for basic and major dental services, such as fillings, root canals, and crowns. This ensures that members can receive the necessary treatment to address any dental issues that may arise.

Humana's Dental Value Plan also offers discounts on orthodontic services, making it an ideal choice for individuals or families who require braces or other orthodontic treatments. Members can save on the cost of orthodontic procedures, helping to make them more affordable and accessible.

Vision Plan

The Vision Plan offered by Humana provides Tampa FL residents with access to affordable and comprehensive vision coverage. Humana understands the importance of maintaining good eye health and offers a range of benefits to ensure that individuals and families can receive the care they need.

With the Humana Vision Plan, members have access to a wide network of eye care professionals, including optometrists and ophthalmologists, in the Tampa FL area. This network ensures that individuals can receive regular eye exams, as well as access to specialized care if needed.

The plan covers a variety of vision services, including eye exams, prescription glasses, and contact lenses. Members can also take advantage of discounts on LASIK and other elective vision procedures. Additionally, the plan provides coverage for frames, lenses, and contact lenses, making it easier and more affordable to maintain good eye health.

Humana's Vision Plan also offers a range of additional benefits, such as coverage for diabetic eye exams and discounts on eye care products and services. This comprehensive coverage ensures that members can address their vision needs and maintain optimal eye health.

Prescription Drug Plan

To meet the healthcare needs of Tampa FL residents, Humana offers a comprehensive Prescription Drug Plan that provides access to affordable medications and coverage for a wide range of prescription drugs. The Humana Prescription Drug Plan is designed to help individuals and families manage the costs of their prescription medications while ensuring that they have access to the medications they need to stay healthy.

With the Humana Prescription Drug Plan, Tampa FL residents can enjoy a wide network of pharmacies where they can fill their prescriptions. The plan covers a broad range of prescription drugs, including both generic and brand-name medications. This ensures that individuals have access to a variety of treatment options and can choose the medication that works best for them.

The plan also offers affordable copayments and coinsurance for prescription drugs, making it easier for individuals to afford their medications. Additionally, the Humana Prescription Drug Plan includes a mail-order pharmacy option, allowing individuals to conveniently receive their medications by mail.


In conclusion, Tampa FL residents have access to a variety of Humana insurance plans to meet their healthcare needs. These include the Gold Plus HMO, SilverSneakers Medicare Advantage, Dental Value Plan, Vision Plan, and Prescription Drug Plan.

Each plan offers different coverage options and benefits to ensure individuals can receive necessary medical, dental, and vision care. By considering their specific healthcare requirements, Tampa FL residents can select the most suitable Humana insurance plan for their needs.

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